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It doesn’t matter if your home is a 100-year-old heritage home or in a brand-new estate, water leaks can happen to any property at any time. If you think you might have a water leak, don’t delay. Even a small leak ignored can cause damage to your home that is hugely expensive to repair. If you have found an unexpected spike in your water bills, feel a drop in your water pressure or find unexplained pools of water, call JCS Plumbing today.

JCS Plumbing are the plumbing experts you want for leak detection in Perth. We will find the source of your leak, make repairs and ensure that you will not have any more trouble into the future. But how do you know you have a water leak?


Signs of leaking

The sign of a water leak can be subtle, but if you think you have identified a leak it is best to contact a professional plumber to confirm, locate and repair any leaks immediately. There are a number of signs that you can look for around your home to identify if you have a leaking problem. These include:

  • Unexpectedly large water bills
  • Continuously moving water meter
  • The sound of running, dripping or squirting water
  • Low or no water pressure
  • Unexplained dampness, stains, mould or moisture in walls or corners

If you have any suspicion of a water leak, act immediately. Water leaks can cause significant, difficult to repair damage if not addressed very quickly. With prompt response times, JCS Plumbing can make leak repairs before you are hefted with huge water consumption and damage repair bills.


Quick leak detection tips

When you are suspicious of a water leak, there are a few simple steps you can take to confirm a water leak yourself at home. If you suspect a leak, JCS Plumbing recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Turn off anything that uses water. Also, remember that some appliances like icemakers draw water incrementally, so turn these off too.
  2. Wait until you are alone at home, or talk with other residents of your home that no water is to be used during the test.
  3. Find your water meter and take note of the reading. A quick snap on your smartphone is always a good way of keeping a record that you are not likely to lose.
  4. Go for a walk, have a power nap, or just enjoy time out while you wait around half an hour.
  5. Recheck your meter. If the dial has continued to increase, you likely have a leak.


Don’t delay fixing leaks

Never delay when you think you have identified a leak. JCS Plumbing provide a 24-hour service in all leak detection and repairs. Our team are always ready to help you during your plumbing emergency.

If you suspect a water leak in your home or office, or just want a fast response, quality workmanship and professional service for your plumbing issues, call JCS Plumbing now. We have been providing plumbing services across metropolitan Perth for over fifteen years, trust our team for the best plumbing solutions in town.

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