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Time is money, and the longer your commercial building has leaks, whether big or small, the more money you are literally flushing down the drain! Due to their high traffic, commercial buildings are highly susceptible to leaks within appliances and plumbing. Being on top of your game and spotting these early can save you huge water bills, but also prevent irreversible and expensive water damage to your building. Within Perth’s drying climate, you’re not just saving your business money, you’re also saving our precious and finite water supply by stopping these leaks early.


Common areas for leaks


Toilets are one of the highest traffic appliances within a commercial building. With extensive use every single day, parts, such as flappers, fill valves and sealants, can quickly wear out. These will cause water to leak out of the tank. Not only does this lead to an increase in water bills, it can also lead to damage of other component, warranting the need for a replacement toilet.



Something almost equally as popular as toilets are faucets. Whether filling up containers or washing hands, faucets and taps are widely used daily. This extensive use can see the rubber washers wear out, creating a faulty seal and a dripping tap. And as you’ve guessed it, high bills from water loss ensue.



The trickiest and most dangerous to replace are leaks in your plumbing. Whether it has burst from cold weather or deteriorated over time, leaky plumbing can create flooding or wide-scale water damaged leading to expensive and difficult repairs. As the pipes are usually either buried or installed within walls, they are both hard to detect and fix. Damaged pipes often lead to the removal of flooring, insulation or other materials within your building and will possibly require mould remediation if the issue has spread too far.

The most common signs of leaky plumbing include:

  • Mould patches, water stains and bulging walls
  • Wet soil or unstable and spongy flooring
  • Unexplainable rises of water bills



What to do If you suspect a leak

As soon as a leak is suspected, professional solutions should be sought straight away. Commercial plumbing experts are quick and knowledgeable, being able to find and fix big and small leaks before they get out of hand!


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For commercial plumbing in Perth, your first call should be JCS plumbing. Our 15 years of experience have given us a reputation as one of Perth’s most reliable services for your water and gas plumbing needs. Our high-quality, 24-7 plumbing service means we are always ready to assist you, no matter the time or the situation. We are mobile, meaning we can get to you in a timely manner when you need it the most!

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