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JCS emergency plumbers are equipped and experienced. We are responsive and professional. We are fully licensed and affordable.

Most of all, JCS are the Perth emergency plumbers here when you need us.

We provide a comprehensive emergency plumbing service from gas appliances to hot water systems, pipes and drains, sewers, retic connections and more. We know a plumbing emergency can’t wait until the morning, so our team is on call any time of the day or night – including public holidays and weekends.

Get better service from JCS emergency plumbers in Perth. Call us on 0422 383 364 for 24/7 plumbing support.

Hot water system

Hot water tap suddenly not working? It might be a sign your water heating system needs to be repaired or replaced. Damaged hot water systems are not only annoying, they are downright uncomfortable for everyone. Our Perth emergency hot water repair service deals with all makes and models of water heater for a quick, effective, affordable fix.


Gas leak

JCS emergency plumbers detect and repair dangerous gas leaks for Perth homes and businesses. If you can smell gas, it’s usually not a good sign. Switch off your gas connections and call us immediately to attend your premises. We will have the problem fixed in no time, keeping your premises safe against gas leaks.


Burst or leaking pipe

Burst pipes can cause serious structural damage in a matter of minutes. First, switch off the water mains. Second, call JCS emergency plumbers and we will be on site in a flash to repair your burst pipe problem. Don’t wait, as moisture and mould can be extremely costly to repair.

Blocked drain

Blocked drains can flood your building, bringing up all sorts of nasty smells and sights from below. This is not a problem that fixes itself (unfortunately!). Call JCS emergency plumbers at the first sign of a blocked drain and we will have it cleared in no time.

Blocked toilet

Toilet blockages mean more than just a bad smell. You could be dealing with blocked pipes, potential health problems and serious damage if the problem isn’t fixed fast. We’re here to help, any time of the day or night, anywhere in Perth.


Sewer problems

JCS emergency plumbers solve sewer problems fast, before they have a chance to cause major damage or disruption. Trust us when we say you don’t want to leave a sewer problem unchecked. Call the experts and we will save you from the worst case choked sewer scenario.


Emergency plumber to Perth homes and businesses

JCS Plumbing are Perth locals, proudly serving the Fremantle and Perth areas with more than 15 years of plumbing experience. We are Perth’s trusted residential and commercial plumbers because we are:


  • Highly experienced
  • Dedicated to better service
  • Mobile and fully equipped
  • Professional and affordable


As a family owned and run business, we know the importance of family-friendly service in a plumbing, gas or hot water crisis. When you need an emergency plumber in Perth, there’s nobody you can trust more than JCS Plumbing.