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Plumbers are often called to install new plumbing components and products such as dishwashers, toilets, pumps and so on. In some cases, it might be a legal requirement for a plumber to install or sign off on the installation of a component, and this makes it a major component of the plumbing industry.


Drain & Sewer clearing

Drains and sewers endure the brunt of the plumbing demands of a household. This is especially true in large family households, where drains can get blocked by hair and other detritus, or pipes may become blocked by tree roots. This is especially true in older houses with plumbing that has not been renovated since initial installation, as old clay pipes are particularly prone to damage.


Repair and Replace

All components and products do degrade over time, so where a tap, toilet mechanism, hot water unit or other component has failed, a plumber may urgently be called to determine what is at fault, whether it is possible to repair, how best to repair it, and if not, how best to replace it.



Where clients are renovating their home, it is often necessary to remodel kitchens and bathrooms. This requires a plumber to reposition pipework and refit the home as per the client’s requirements.


Gas fitting

Certain plumbers have certification to work on natural gas pipework. This means they are qualified to detect leaks, install new gas pipework and components, as well as repair existing gas pipework.


Water Heater repair

Along with gas fitting, water heaters are a common call-out for plumbers. Very few people are willing to tolerate an ice-cold shower, so when water heaters fail clients require immediate action. Plumbers may be able to detect a fault and repair it, but it may also be necessary to replace the unit, especially if it is more than 10 years old.


Maintenance and checks

Clients may like to get ahead of the curve and invite a plumber to check over the home for any signs of an impending failure or fault. This may involve checking the gas lines, the water heater, drains, toilet flush mechanisms and more. This may also be done prior to the purchase or rental of a property, so clients can know what exactly they are purchasing.


Emergency Plumbing

When plumbing components fail or misbehave, this can often become an emergency. Failure of pipes or drains can cause flooding, failure of toilet flush mechanisms can disable a household, and gas leaks can create serious danger for households. Emergency plumbing is often necessary to prevent permanent damage to a home.


Tap and shower fixture replacement

It’s easy to forget that even taps and showerheads can break and fail. This may manifest as a leak or a complete failure, which will require the mains water to be shut off. Plumbers may be called to replace a seal or replace the entire fixture.



Solar power can be utilised to power your hot water needs. A qualified plumber can install solar-powered hot water heaters to keep your gas and electrical bills down.

If you need any of the services above, get in touch with JCS plumbing services. We are here to help!

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