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24 hour plumber in Perth sepcialist in water heater installation

Does your home require a new water heater? Avoid unnecessary risks and have your equipment installed safely.

At JCS Plumbing we’ve had our fair share of calls over the years for an emergency 24 hour plumber in Perth due to incorrect water heater installations. Turns out, what appears a decent amateur effort may not be the case.

We all love a good DIY, but with water heaters, a simple error can become a serious health hazard, and create unnecessary expense. Ask yourself the following questions, consider the answers, and request a quote from us today.


Is that the right model for you?

Budget, brand ratings, the size of your property, and the needs of your household all matter when choosing a new water heater. Water heaters that re too big or too small are both problematic in their own ways.


Did you get what you paid for?

Purchasing a water heat and associated parts without knowledge means you might pay top price for substandard stock, or not be aware the water heater is fine but you’re installing faulty or incorrect components.


Have you considered logistics?

At JCS Plumbing, we’re used to transporting and installing water heaters without damaging the building or yard. Water heaters can prove heavy and unwieldy, especially if you’re not working with them regularly.


Are there relevant building codes?

If your water heater is in a rental or commercial property, you could face liability if anything goes wrong. If it’s at your home, you may not care so much until you decide to sell at a later date, and face inspection.


Would you notice a gas leak?

If installing a hot water system without really knowing what you’re doing, you could unknowingly create a gas leak, especially with inadequate piping. Best to avoid the prospect of introducing a health and safety issue.


Do you understand ignition?

Installing a water heater without understanding the ins and outs of the ignition process could result in electrical and gas issues—with flammable results. Worst case scenario, an error could lead to actual fire.

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Why is venting so important?

An improper venting process sees exhaust gases coming from the water heater inadequately disperse. A licensed plumber removes the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning from poor installation.


Isn’t it better to have an active warranty?

When problems arise, self-installation means heading back to the web to try and figure out what went wrong, and then researching how to fix it. The JCS Plumbing work warranty is much more reassuring.


Is your installation compliant?

A water heater that isn’t installed correctly can cause problems down the track. With one fell swoop you could wipe out the warranty for your new heater, and also risk making your home insurance policy invalid.


Wait, are there rules in Western Australia for water heaters?

Yes. “It works okay” isn’t quite enough. The Government of Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Plumbers Licensing Board requires we know all general installation requirements.


Have our team install your water heater 

JCS Plumbing in Perth provides local plumbing near you, offering 24/7 services. As one of the respected plumbing companies in Perth for a decade and a half, we make sure you, your family and your business stay safe. Contact us today.

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