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A clogged drain is a problem best avoided, and a few smart changes to everyday habits can help make that happen.

At JCS Plumbing we’re often called when the water comes bubbling back up the pipes. We’re happy to clean those drains for you, but with the right approach you’ll require our quality workmanship less often.

Below are tips to help keep drains unclogged, saving you the hassle. If a problem persists or returns despite precautions, the issue may be complicated. Get in touch, and as 24 hour Perth plumbers we’ll get it sorted.


Try not to feed the kitchen sink

Most of us are guilty of occasionally losing food to the sink. But bits of pasta, noodles and rice, along with vegetable scraps, coffee ground and tea leaves are better off caught in a strainer and headed for the bin. 

Cooking oils are notoriously bad for pipes, congealing and slowly blocking plumbing. Cooled oil is better placed in the trash. (They also cause fatbergs, sewer system fat and waste lumps, like this 40 tonne fatberg.)


Washing machine and dishwasher care

Don’t forget machines attached to your plumbing can contribute to clogging. Lint, old tissues and even greasy clothes can all add debris to eventual blockages, especially if water is moving via the laundry sink.

If using a dishwasher, all food leftovers should be binned to avoid clogging the machine. Also remove thick grease from dinnerware before placing inside. Be sure to use the amount of detergent outlined in the manual.


Avoid hair accumulation

Hair is a common troublemaker and cause of clogging. Over time, what seems like a few hairs can accumulate, completely blocking your drain and pipes. Consider placing mesh or a drainer to ensure you catch them first.

Pets due for a wash in the bath, shower, or household sink also shed hair that can prove detrimental to drains. For both humans and animals, try brushing hair first so loose strands are less likely to wash down the drain. 


Be strict with what you flush

The habit of using your toilet like a flushing bin will lead to plumbing problems down the track. Today’s toilets are designed primarily for toilet paper and human waste. Anything else risks clogging your pipes over time.

Sanitary products, condoms, wrappers, nappies and wipes are items that risk increasing the chance of a blockage. Too much toilet paper is another culprit. Older toilet models can be more vulnerable to clogging issues.


Consider a clean out

Maintenance plumbing goes a long way to helping avoid clogging. Even a few simple DIY steps of your own, like carefully pouring hot water once every week or two, is a time-honoured way to minimise build up.

Consider attending to your drains with a preventative clean. A number of premium drain cleaning items are on the market. Others are designed for emergencies, when clogging occurs. Ask your JCS Plumbers if unsure. (Related Article: Effective Solutions to Clear Blocked Drains)


Give us a call if your drains are acting up

Are you wondering, is there a plumber near me? Our JCS Plumbing fleet can provide residential and commercial plumbing services for your home and business. If searching for a plumber in Perth, contact us now.

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