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Daily chores can add up, but regular maintenance is a must for keeping things running smoothly. By doing small plumbing maintenance tasks, you can help prevent big plumbing problems down the line. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a plumbing maintenance checklist that should help you get started.


Why is regular plumbing maintenance important?

Conducting regular plumbing maintenance is essential in helping your plumbing run smoothly. Just as importantly, it can help you detect problems, which, when resolved early, will prevent costly repairs. This can also help you avoid bigger water and pipe damages, as well as help you prevent drastic increases in your water consumption bills.


Maintenance Checklist for Pipes

  • Check for any signs of leakage from pipes. This will come through as watermarks and puddles around your home.
  • Check for signs of corrosion, which will be bluish-green on copper pipes and rust-coloured on galvanised steel pipes.
  • Conduct a water piping pressure test, and check if the water runs smoothly even with the minimum pressure requirement.


Maintenance checklist for Sinks, Drains and Faucets

  • Check the water pressure of the faucets, sinks and showers. Smooth water flow is a good sign. Low flowing water may be due to a problem with the waterline, or to sedimentation within the pipe.
  • Remove the showerhead and check for sedimentation. This will clear the water flow and prevent corrosion of the showerhead.
  • Pull out loose hair and debris from the mouth of drains to keep water flowing down smoothly.
  • Check sinks, showers and bathtub drains for smooth drainage. If the drainage is slow, you may have a clogged drainpipe. If it bubbles or gurgles, there may be a problem in the vent.
  • When it comes to toilets, there are several things you should do. Firstly, check the flush to ensure there is no water dripping around the toilet, and that the water doesn’t continue to flow after flushing. Then check for any rusting or chipping parts around the toilet. Check the tiles around the toilet. If they are loose or moving, there may be water flow beneath them.
  • Check your home for mould and mildew growth.


Inspections by professional plumbers

Doing it yourself is a great way to get the process started, but you should also consider enlisting the help of a plumbing professional to make sure you don’t miss anything. A thorough inspection will help you identify issues that you may not have noticed, which will stop them from snowballing into more serious ones.


Why choose JCS Plumbing?

JCS Plumbing can conduct maintenance and repair any issues you may have found during your own maintenance inspection. With JCS Plumbing, you can guarantee that all of your bases will be covered. Our 15 years of experience have given us a reputation as one of Perth’s most reliable services for your water and gas plumbing needs. Our high-quality, 24-hour plumbing service means we are always ready to assist you, no matter the time or the situation.

Call us today for an obligation-free quote and we’ll figure out together what the best way is to help you!

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