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A dripping tap is annoying but can be ignored for months. Shuddering water pipes can be frustrating but are not life-threatening. However, not all plumbing issues can wait. A plumbing emergency is a plumbing-related issue that can cause damage to property or harm to the home’s residents. If you (or possibly one of your tenants) think you may have a plumbing emergency – a situation that calls for more than ongoing plumbing maintenance, then a phone call to JCS Plumbers could help put your mind at ease.



All Gas leaks are considered emergencies.

Whatever time it is, day or night, call JCS Plumbing service immediately if you notice:

  • A smell like rotten eggs – sulphur
  • An orange or yellow glow coming from the pilot light of gas appliances
  • Someone feeling nauseous or dizzy in your house
  • An extremely high gas bill

Never attempt to fix a gas leak yourself, and never ‘wait for a better time.’ Even if it is the middle of the night, call your local registered plumber. Waiting is not worth the risk. (See Also: What to Do When You Have a Gas Leak)


Burst Waterlines and Pipes

Water could flood your property if you have a burst pipe or waterlines you cannot isolate or fix by turning off the water at the mains. Significant water leaks are emergencies. Protect your home and belongings by calling a 24-hour plumber. The longer you wait, the more damage the water can do.



If your toilet is backing up and getting close to overflowing, or you’ve noticed water overflowing from a drain in your home or garden, you may have a leaking or blocked sewer line. JCS Plumbers consider this an emergency.

Call your respected plumbing service provider in Perth immediately. Sewerage carries bacteria and many nasties – don’t risk infection or sickness. Your plumber may advise that the responsibility of fixing the issue may fall to your local council on your behalf, but if you don’t call for help, you’ll never find out.


Water Leaking Close to Electrical Fittings

Water and electricity are a deadly mix. If you have a water leak adjacent to electrical fittings, call for help. Do not try to fix the problem. The risk of electrocution is genuine. Call a licensed professional immediately. They will safely and efficiently find a solution.


Don’t wait; call a professional

While we understand that the thought of a plumbing bill can be daunting, it is never worth waiting when it comes to plumbing emergencies. The sooner you call for help, the sooner we can solve your problem.


Call JCS Plumbing for your Emergency Plumbing needs

For over 15 years in Perth, WA, JCS Plumbing has grown our reputation as honest, friendly, and reliable plumbers – and we are proud of that reputation. Our high-quality, 24-hour plumbing service means we’re always ready to help with an emergency, whatever the time or situation.

Call us today for an obligation-free quote and let us help you fix your plumbing emergency.

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