What to do when you have no hot water?

no hot water

There is nothing worse than standing in the shower, waiting for the hot water that never comes as you slowly accept your cold-showered fate. Although some people swear by daily cold showers, for the rest of us, running out of hot water in the house is nothing but a nuisance. Although your best bet is to immediately call a professional, you can try these few tips out first to be absolutely sure the situation isn’t easily fixable.

How to fix the hot water

Wait for water tank to re-heat

For a lot of households, the main reason the hot water runs out is because all the heated water in the tank has been used. This commonly occurs when multiple people are having longer back-to-back showers. To test if this is the case, wait for an hour and check to see if the hot water returns. If it does not, you may have a serious problem on your hands.

If this problem persists, it may be worth investing in a larger water tank for your household. It is also possible that leaks are occurring, as a slight amount of moisture can cause serious havoc.

Gas hot water heaters

If your water heater is powered by gas, there may be a problem with the gas supply, resulting in a lack of heating. This is usually either a problem with the burner or the pilot light but can also be a gas leak. If a smell similar to sulfur or rotten eggs persists within the area, immediately turn off the gas valve and seek professional assistance.

Electric hot water heaters

The main reasons for an electric hot water heater to fail is a loss of power. This is commonly either through a breaker being tripped or a possible water leak interrupting the electrical system. On average, electric heaters have a lifespan of 8-10 years. If yours is approaching this it is best to get professionals in to assess the situation and give you recommendations.

What to do If you suspect a leak

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