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The simple answer is yes! While most people think of plumbers, they think of blocked toilets, leaking taps, and broken water lines. Almost every home and commercial property in Perth use gas in some way. Most people use it for cooking or heating, making having a gas line connected essential for your comfort.


What is a gas fitter?

A gas fitter is trained and qualified to install and service gas fixtures and appliances in residential and commercial settings. A gas fitter’s role includes installing and servicing gas hot water systems, gas heaters, and other appliances, detecting gas leaks, upgrading gas meters, and installing gas in new and existing homes. There are plumbers available in Perth who can also install and repair gas lines, like the gas fitting team at JCS Plumbers.


Indicators you may have a problem with your gas line

If you notice any of these indicators, you may need to call an emergency plumber. Signs there may be a problem include:

  • a change in the quality of the flame in your burners
  • bubbling near the pipes
  • the smell of rotten eggs (gas smells of sulphur)
  • patches of dead plants in the garden.

If you spot anything strange near your gas pipes, consult with a gas fitter as soon as possible. (Also Read: What to Do When You Have a Gas Leak)


Are you thinking about running a gas line yourself?

Stop. Think again. You need a licensed professional for anything involving gas lines. Gas can be deadly. Special plumbing knowledge is required to ensure your gas line is installed safely and correctly, with the correct fittings, the proper piping, and appropriate insulation for the outdoors.

Gas is highly flammable, and you do not want it leaking in or around your house or commercial property. For any gas-related issues, you need an experienced professional to ensure the gas lines connected to your home are as safe as possible.

A gas fitter’s work doesn’t end after connecting your property to the gas pipeline, as you’ll need ongoing maintenance to ensure a consistently working and safe gas line.


Do JCS Plumbers install gas lines for entertaining outside?

Ever since the weather started getting colder, we’ve had customers call and ask if we can install outdoor gas lines for barbecues and backyard entertainment areas. At JCS Plumbing, our experienced gas fitters have the skills and expertise needed to safely install outdoor gas lines that run directly to your barbeque, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. We can also install water lines to your outdoor sink to have running water for outdoor cooking and entertaining.


Call JCS Plumbing for all your gas-related needs

For over 15 years JCS Plumbing has grown our reputation as honest, friendly, and reliable plumbers in Perth, WA– and we are proud of that reputation.

The JCS Plumbing team are qualified, professional gas fitters as well as experienced, professional plumbers. Our high-quality, 24-hour plumbing service means we’re always ready to help our customers with their gas-related needs.

Call us today for an obligation-free quote and let us help solve your gas problems.



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