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causes of low water pressure

Many homeowners complain of low water pressure. If it’s been affecting you – no need to fret. Once you pinpoint the cause, it’s relatively easy to fix. We explore more in the article below.


Do you have low water pressure?

If you are receiving less than 20 litres of water per minute, or if the pressure is lower than 40 psi, you have low water pressure. In the home, this can be seen as a low spray in the shower, or the bathtub taking forever to fill up. It can also be seen through your washing machine or dishwasher if they take longer to run a cycle than they should.


What causes low water pressure?

Several things may be causing low water pressure in your home. Sometimes, your municipal water system supply may be at fault. To determine this, you should conduct a water pressure test, which will determine how many litres you are receiving. If you are receiving less than 20 litres per minute, you should call your local water corporation.

If you reside rurally, the underground well system may be causing your pressure problems. Your tank might have a ruptured bladder, broken seal, or another issue that may be affecting proper pump cycling. Your tank or pump might need repair or replacement.

Generally, however, most water pressure issues are the result of old pipes or clogged water heaters. Sediment accumulation can cause low water pressure – which is easily solved by cleaning the clogged fixture.


How to increase your water pressure

There are several ways in which you can increase your water pressure.

You can use vinegar to clean your faucets, which will remove build-up that may potentially be causing low water pressure. You can also try flushing your water heater and water tank with vinegar. Alternatively, you could adjust the water pressure from the well or the municipal supply line pressure regulator.

Whilst troubleshooting and trying the above methods may work, calling a professional plumber to resolve your issue for you is your best bet, as they will know exactly what they are doing.


Call a plumber in Perth

Fiddling around with plumbing is best left to a professional – especially when it comes to repairs and replacement. Replacing tanks, wells and pipes aren’t tasks you should attempt on your own.


Why choose JCS Plumbing?

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